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Goldtrip is a rock band from England that formed during the band member’s college years in Bristol. The band got their start in June of 2010. Its biggest success has been able to open for  Bon Jovi, which it is doing this summer.

“In Goldtrip, the one thing we share is a passion for songs that are well structured and enjoyable for everyone,” said Alex Brisland, who plays drums, percussion and bass guitar for the band. “The greatest bands could stun a totally mixed crowd, anywhere in the world. That’s the sort of music I would like to play.”

The future looks bright for the band.

 “We love writing and piecing together new songs so, hopefully, we can release a single and then another EP or album,” said Dom Little, who plays piano, guitar, vocals and lyrics. “We have a load of gigs over the summer and, obviously, are pumped for supporting Bon Jovi on the 27th of June at Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol. Hopefully we can keep doing what we want to do.”

Band members include:
Joe Rawnsley: Lead Guitar
Dom Little: Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Alex Brisland: Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar

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Where is the band from originally and how did the band form?

Alex grew up in Southampton before going to Music College and then Uni in Bristol. Joe and I grew up in Guildford and went to school together, where we formed a band. We met Alex at a party in our second year of University in Bristol. We had similar influences, and passions to be musicians. He was an excellent drummer (and still is), and was exactly what we had been looking for - since then Joe thinks of himself as a Simon Cowell!  - Dom

How did you come up with the name Goldtrip?

We wanted a colour - as we are big fans of Pink Floyd. Trip came from our first set list being quite experimental, with a lot of songs merging together…. Although I read on the Urban Dictionary that Goldtrip actually means ‘someone who is on a power trip’ maybe our next piece of work will be more political.  -Dom

Who are the members of your band? Are they all original and what do they play?

Joe Rawnsley: Lead Guitar
Dom Little: Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Alex Brisland: Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar
The three of us are all original. Throughout university we had a guy called Joe Yates playing Bass, sadly last year he moved to Scotland, so Alex played all the bass on our ‘I Try EP’. We now have a dude called Sam Lloyd who plays bass with us live. He’s a legend!
- Dom

How and when did you get your start?

After about 18 months of practicing, and gigging, things took a step up around June 2010. Producer Steve Levine heard our demos we had just recorded ourselves, liked them, and came to Bristol to sit in on a practice. Pretty soon after we started recording with him, and the rest, they say, is history! - Alex

Have you had formal music training?

We all have. Joe had guitar lessons at school, Alex went to the Bristol Institute of Modern Music. I had the privilege of being taught the piano from the age of 7-12 by a lady, Marjorie Irby who was once a famous concert pianist, but fell off her horse, broke her wrist very badly, and could no longer play the piano to the standard she demanded. She was amazing, and inspired me to write and create my own music. I have a lot to thank her. - Dom

Who are your influences?

How long have you got! Well, I got into the greats at an early age; Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, then I backtracked and listened to a lot of early blues and rock 'n' roll. I think Chuck Berry, and Howlin Wolf were big favourites of mine when I was about 10! I went through massive periods of only listening to the British 1960s blues-rock bands, like Free, Cream, and then Led Zeppelin. I then moved into loving big bands like U2 and the Police. Throughout my teens I got a bit more into jazz and funk, the likes of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and John Coltrane. My mum was really into classical music too, so I heard a lot of Satie, Chopin, Debussy, and Rachmaninoff at an early age. I had brief periods of really being into metal, ska-punk, and then dub reggae. I have always loved King Tubby, Scientist, and Lee Scratch Perry. For the last few years I have just listened to anything and everything. Early 90s hip-hop, like A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, and the Jungle Brothers, are always on my mp3 player. In the last few years I have listened to more electronic music of different eras and styles. Bristol, where I live, is big on dub-step and drum and bass, so I have absorbed all of that too. As far as direct influences, the drummers I admire include Mitch Mitchell, Stewart Copland, Ringo Starr, Simon Kirke, and John Bonham. That's not to suggest I sound in any way similar! - Alex

How did you know what type of music you wanted to play?

I don't think I have ever consciously thought about what music I wanted to play, or what type of band. We just try and write something we all enjoy. Although, I think in Goldtrip, the one thing we share is a passion for songs that are well structured, and enjoyable for everyone. There's definitely something I admire about brilliantly perfect pop songs, songs that strike a common nerve, superseding tastes and genres. The greatest bands could stun a totally mixed crowd, anywhere in the world. That's the sort of music I would like to play. - Alex

Who writes your music and how do you get your ideas for the songs?

It usually starts with me on the piano/guitar playing around with some ideas and chord structures, and then writing the lyrics. If the band gives the rough idea a green light (which can be quite rare!) then we create the music as a band. I tend to write a lot about what’s on my mind, almost a subconscious let go of feeling. The songs are very conceptual; which allows me to relate to them in a new way, even long after the initial meaning of the song has gone. - Dom

What has been the band’s biggest success?

Supporting Bon Jovi has got to be our biggest success! Although listening to our record on BBC Radio 2 drivetime was a big deal too, if a bit surreal. Alex

What inspires you to keep your music going?

The feeling of winning a crowd over is simply thrilling. All the effort is made worthwhile in just a few minutes of playing. The feeling that if I stopped I might look back later in life, and ask 'what if.' That fear drives me on too. - Alex

Have you come across any obstacles when trying to get your music out?

No one has ever directly tried to stop our music getting out. The only obstacle is the state of the music business at the moment. The industry needs to see that you are a viable product to believe and invest in, so you have to continually prove your worth. I know we are keen for the challenge though, so I'm not worried. - Alex

What was the most interesting experience you’ve had in your career?

Probably recording our two music videos. It's such an integral part of how you're showing people your music, yet it's not necessarily natural to someone who wants to just bang the drums, or play the bass, like me! So it was the most interesting, and the most challenging. - Alex

Have you been able to tour? If so, what did you learn and who were you able to perform with?

We've gigged a fair bit, but no proper tour as of yet! So, let's get some plays in Wisconsin, and I know we'd be happy to travel over! - Alex

How do you come about your recording process?

Firstly, we rehearse and practice the songs thoroughly before entering the studio. Yet, we always leave space for last-minute changes. It surprised me how much the studio does shape the sound. Things you have played live sometimes don't work when recorded, and alternatively the studio gives you the time and tools to try out ideas, and sounds, not possible in a rehearsal room. In the studio, I usually play the bass and drum parts first, to form a solid base for the rest of the song to be stacked on top. - Alex

How did you create your music video for “I Try?”

We worked with a film director ‘James Callum’, and roughly came up with the idea of the morning after, and a continual walking journey (as the song has a really strong percussion part). It was then over to him and his team to perfect the plan, film and edit it. They did an awesome job; hopefully we will get to work with each other again. - Dom

How many albums do you have out?

Our ‘I Try EP’, which is available on iTunes to buy, is our first EP under the production of Steve Levine. Before we started working with Steve, we had a few demos, which we recorded in a local studio, but nothing too polished. - Dom

What was the response to your first album?

I think everyone likes it, all the comments have been really positive. Which has been great! I have to admit it’s pretty cool when you get stopped in the street by people you don’t know, who have heard it, saying that they love it. - Dom

What are your future plans?

Well we love writing and piecing together new songs so hopefully we can release a single and then another EP or album. We have a load of gigs over the summer, and obviously are pumped for supporting Bon Jovi on the 27th of June at Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol. Hopefully we can keep doing what we want to do. Dom

What do you do in your free time outside of being in the band?

I am a big fan of reading movie scripts and I love a good party, if you fancy inviting us out to Wisconsin for one?! :) - Dom

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