Friday, May 27, 2011


Leisure is an up and coming pop rock band from Brighton, England. Their influences range from Elastica and Supergrass to BRMC and Elvis Costello.

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The band met in Brighton, England. We all went to music college there and played in different bands before meeting on a windy August evening.

We decided on Leisure because it runs off the tongue strangely and gets harder to say when you're inebriated.

I (Blain) sing and play bass, Alex plays guitar and sings and Sam plays drums and sings.

Our influences are wide ranging, from brit-pop bands like Elastica and Supergrass to BRMC and Elvis Costello.

We all liked British Rock, like 'The Stones' and Blues legends like Buddy Guy, so it came naturally from what we liked to play individually.

Playing our first show in Europe was cool, but putting together these bunch of songs that represent Leisure has been our biggest success.

The last recording sessions were great largely due to us using old battered equipment that we've collected and recording in a barn in the middle of nowhere rather than going into a studio.

We haven't had any albums out but we will have one finished by the end of the summer.

We are going to have a really cool online extravaganza going soon so keep your eyes peeled and check out It's gonna be different. x

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