Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Midwest Beat

The Midwest Beat is a band with a 1960s style and a Wisconsin flare.

“We formed in Madison, WI, in the fall of 2005,” the band said.

The band has been influenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Kinks, The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen.

“Angry bubblegum seems to be our favorite term (for our music),” the band said.

When asked about what inspires their music, they said it comes down to relationships.

“It would be nice to say that life in the Midwest is so inspiring. Blue collar, hard working, simple pleasures, fishing, camping, sailing, beer…but honestly the answer is girls,” the band said.

After the release of their first EP, The Midwest Beat has been looking on the bright side of their music.

“Having the first EP out on vinyl was great for us,” the band said. “It was our first introduction to many people and we got a great response and it’s still the record that most people know us by.”

One thing that has been the biggest hardship for the band is keeping its music original, but it is proud to do so.

“We Wisconsinites like to keep it cheesy. It’s easy to be cheesy,” the band said.

They had the opportunity to tour Europe this year.

“We play mostly in Wisconsin, but we’ve done a few tours to the South, East coast and we just got back from a three- week tour in Europe,” the band said.

In the future, the band said it hopes to record later this summer and hopes to return to Europe next year.

Band members include:
Matt Joyce - Guitar, Vocals
Logan Kayne - Bass, Vocals
Kyle Denton - Guitar, Vocals
Christopher Capelle - Drums

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