Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh Mercy

I had the chance to interview Alexander Gow, one of the members of the band”Oh Mercy,”  who got his start with the band in Melbourne, Australia.
“I’ve been playing in pubs around the country since I was 18,” Gow said. “We’ve had support from Australian radio stations and some of our favourite Australian bands.”

 “Oh Mercy” picked up their name from a Bob Dylan album and started making music.

 "(When first starting out), I wanted to make recordings and travel the world, playing music and meeting girls,” Gow said.

They had the chance to perform and meet with their favorite artists, such as The Traffics, The Church and Paul Kelly.

Gow said that one of the biggest opportunities was playing lead guitar in Paul Kelly’s band.

 "Oh Mercy" released their first album in 2009, called “Privileged Woes.”

“It was recorded with my friend Myles Wootton,” Gow said. “We recorded it all in his bedroom in Collingwood, Melbourne. His room was barely bigger than his single mattress. We would push his mattress up against the wall and could only fit the two of us in there at once. I thought we were recording demos. Myles turned out to be incredibly good at using his limited resources and the demos turned into a record.”

Then in March “Great Barrier Grief” was released, which has been a big success.

“I had the title before I had any of the songs,” Gow said. “I liked the way it looked and read. It sounds bitter sweet, which turned out to be consistent with the majority of the lyrical content on the album. It has the words ‘great’ and ‘grief’ in it. It’s awesome.”

The band plans to record its third album.

 Band members include:

Eliza Lam - Bass Guitar
Rohan Sforcina - Drums
Simon Okely - Lead Guitar
Alexander Gow - Rhythm Guitar

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